The 38 Steps (1999)

too late sung by jennifer lea

Cast: Eve Caille, Young Soon Cho, Vahine Ehrensperger, Claudia Evans, Karen Foley, Alicia Herrera Simon, Allison Higgins, Melissa Hunte, Anette Iverson, Margun Kilde, Renate Kohoutek, Kaori Murakami, Marissa Nielson-Pincus, Emma Ribbing, Dawn Ritchie, Janine Skidmore, Annabel Smart, Khadifa Wong, Laurence Peterson.

Costume concept Aggiss / Cowie realised by Linda Rowell

Lighting: David Goldsworthy

Commissioned by London Studio Centre for InToto Dance Company, 19 dancers fall in, out and in love again. Their 38 steps are set to bubblegum pop sung by Jenny Lee Potter. Their costumes owe inspiration to Mondrian.

Premiered on 13th July 1999 Bloomsbury Theatre London

References for the 38 Steps
Aggiss, L. Cowie, B. Bramley, I. (2006) Anarchic Dance Routledge

Extracts available of the live performance, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)