Absurditties 1994

Cast: Liz Aggiss.

Absurditties is about performance. In this solo, the performer has only her wits and body with which to entertain the audience. The performance is devoid of lighting, music or special effects and is a collage of precise sculptural choreography, absurd gesture, sharp humour, wordplay and visual gags.

Costume Tig Evans. Premiere 6th May 1994 The Zap Brighton.

‘Frocked in a little silver shift she looks both powerful and vulnerable as she stalks the stage spouting forth in German or tearing lumps out of a doughy baguette. But while the confrontational edge of expressionist / absurdist influences dominate her work, there is much sweet humour too.’
Christopher Bowen the Scotsman

‘Together Aggiss and Cowie have devised a feast of eccentricity. Love, mathematics, animals, eating – dancing too, are seen through a prism of clever wordplay and brilliantly controlled dance. She goes from gawky to coy, fierce to fretful, her face as comically expressive as her body in a show that gets its juxtas forever in the wrong position and leaves its audience helpless with laughter'
Mary Brennan the Glasgow Herald

‘Devised and choreographed by Aggiss and Billy Cowie, the unaccompanied movement is stripped to prescise sculptured form in this intriguing word play work. Stylised, angular and never shying away from grotesquerie, Aggiss becomes simian, seal or distressed child with an economic sleight only a gifted few possess. She can be powerfully disturbing, dominant and yet vulnerable. And very funny.’
Jan Whitehead The Stage

‘Choreographed by Aggiss and Billy Cowie (who also wrote the script), the performance has a malicious sense of humour with a tinge of self mockery present. The aptly named Divas is an extraordinary company and there is certainly no one like the incomparable Liz Aggiss’
Cameron Robertson The Stage

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Extracts available of the live performance, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)