Beethoven in Love (1994)

Choreographed by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie. Music Billy Cowie. Director Bob Bentley
Cast Liz Aggiss, Tommy Bayley.
Choir: Jeddi Bassan, Sharon Curtis, Lisa Haight, Chris Hallam, Ralf Higgins, Andrew Kaye, Mim King, Sal Robarts, Maggy Burrowes, Mark Harrison.
Singers : Elizabeth Woolett, Ian Needle, Juliet Russell, Thomas Kampe
Costume : Christina Ure

Beethoven in Love is a 15 minute BBC / Arts Council Dance for Camera Award. Shot on 16mm it derives inspiration from the composer’s difficult relationships with woman and explores the nature of the outsider. Black humour and an expressionist dance vocabulary combine with the romantic lyricism of Billy Cowie’ s music to evoke images of the 18th century, though the central questions of the outsider and unrequited love are relevant to contemporary thinking.

Television premiere BBC2 6th January 1994.


'The film is a true poem full of choreographic subtelty and cinematic tenderness! Lighting and costume are ever changing in tune with the mood of every scene. The music is a magical character that centers the piece! It is a fantastic film and needs to be shown worldwide.'

Alla Kovgan (Kinodance)

'Beethoven in Love’ is dominated by Liz Aggiss. She plays a granite jawed singer who is both muse and demon, seducer and tormentor to Ludwig Van (Tommy Bayley). The strongest choreography comes in the fourth song where thanks to the camera angles, Aggiss becomes a ferocious giant using her body like a weapon to attack the air’

Allen Roberston Time Out


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