Danzas de Amor que se Fue

Danzas de Amor que se Fue commissioned by Danza Conemporanea de Cuba. Choreography and music by Billy Cowie, poems Garcia Lorca, VIsual Design Silke Mansholt, Singers Daphne Scott-Sawyer and Rowan Godel, voice Clara Garcia Fraile.

Amanda Lucia Gomez Chirino, Danny Rodriguez Quintana, Emma Quiñones, Stephanie Hardy Lopez, Leyna Gonzalez, Claudia Hilda Rodriguez Pozo, Iliana Solis , ArletAmanda Fernandez, Arletis Viera, Gabriela Herrera Mendez, Mario Jorge Varela Cruz





Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (DCC) returned with a new premiere that served as a great tribute to recently deceased master Ramiro Guerra, founder of the company and soul of the modern dance movement on the island. Danzas de Amor que se Fue, is a choreography of British Billy Cowie, fed by the minimalism and ingenuity of the artist who also composes the music. As well was presented Mambo 3XXI, by George Céspedes in these functions that took place in the García Lorca hall of the Gran Teatro de La Havana Alicia Alonso.
The young dancer Stephanie Hardy spoke with the Tribune of Havana about the poetics and complexity of this new choreography. "Every time we work with Cowie we discover new possibilities of our dance, ways of expressing more beyond the body. His minimalist style and performance opens us to other outcomes because it combines music, visuality and acting in one piece. I think it will be a magnificent party for the 60th anniversary of the company.
All the dancers know their responsibility and will deliver that to defend the prestige of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba ".
For his part, Jorge Brooks, manager of the company, tells of the narrative that drives this work."It is a love story that can happen to anyone." 
Love (one of the characters) goes and never comes back, and that conflict triggers a series of events that fuel the choreography under the unique style of Billy Cowie, where flamenco is mixed with contemporary dance, has a lot of passion and needs great precision so that nothing remains without saying. Danzas de Amor que se Fue, is an excellent opportunity for the public of the capital.

La Tribuna, 5th May