Dopplegänger (2006)

doppelgänger is a full colour, stereoscopic, dance-screen installation comprising four projections directed and choreographed by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie ( Shot on location at The New Art Gallery Walsall, Aggiss is plagued and plagiarised by invasive strangers who are hell bent on picking on her and making her ordinary extra-ordinary Accompanied by hypersound, these multiple projections, aurally and visually jostle competitively for attention as they endlessly loop.

Doppelgänger is a Capture 4 co-commission from Arts Council England and The New Art Gallery Walsall.
Additional support for Doppelgänger has been provided by the Centre for Research Development (Arts and Architecture) University of Brighton. Capture 4 is managed by Portland Green

The premiere was at the New Art Gallery Walsall from 10 February - 23 April 2006

film documentation at Walsall (11mb)

review from Fused magazine by Jade Canhigh (24 May 2006)

review from Ballettanz by Lizzy Le Quesny (April 2006)