Drool and Drivel They Care! 1991

Cast: Liz Aggiss, Jane Bassett, Virginia Farman, Ralf Higgins, Sian Thomas

Commissioned by Zap Arts, this is a political satire on Mrs Thatcher’s years of power. The music is composed using samples from her political speeches and brought to life by a quintet of Thatcher look-a-likes. Ironically or is it tragically, this work premiered on the evening she resigned. The final section was swiftly reworked with the wall of Maggies transforming into five John Majors still intoning relentlessly from Thatcher’s speeches.
Premiered 22nd November 1991 The Zap Brighton.

‘Margaret Thatcher is minced up; her gestures, her sayings are deconstructed in self contained sections, re…re…Re…Repeated, then the scentences aree entirely recomposed. Five dancers in strict suits and black stillettos bring to life the authentic stroboscopic qualities of a grating English prime minister.’
Sylvie Sueron Liberte de L’est

‘Soon there won’t be contemporary dance any more and no-one will complain. There will only be dance and that can’t be a bad. Liberated, free from ‘Big Ideas’ which have shaped choreography for more than 20 years, todays choreography is a science of the soul as much as pof the body. Whether or not there’s life in traditional forms of choreography, it appears that some people cannot take it seriously.
The proof: six dancers from Divas company, the most radical witnessed for a long time. It’s true, since Decoufle and Chopinet, when they, like Divas were at the Salle Molliere: provocative, assured, first class in everything; humour, frenetic movement, nerve and presence.
Lise Ott Montpellier France

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Extracts available of the studio version, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)