Dva Sa momimomuvali 1986

Original Cast Rachel Chaplin, Ellie Curtis, Virginia Farman, Kim Glass, Kay Lynn, Amanda Tuke.
Lighting : Christina Ure

From hobbyhorse to competitive racehorse, six women in men’s Y-Fronts and vests, jockey for space, chase their own tail, tow the line, jump on the bandwagon, compete and drive themselves on with optimism, collective spirit and individual identity.

Premiered 4th October 1986 Chisenhale Dance Space London

‘For Divas, performance is not isolated from the broad view of daily life; it is theatrical and disciplined yet heavily interwoven with, and clearly dominated by, the shared personl politics of the group’
Sophie Constanti Spare Rib

‘This constant sliding between self-effacement and aggression, is heightened by the dancers costumes; tight suits and high heels which confuse sexual authority with constriction: or vests and Y-fronts which make them look shockingly vulnerable (none have standardly ‘perfect’ bodies), but oddly liberated’.
Judith Mackrell the Independent

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All that remains of this work is photographic documentation.