Grotesque Dancer 1986

Cast: Liz Aggiss.

Commissioned by Zap Arts Brighton, Grotesque Dancer is a relentlessly monochrome solo performance inspired by avant-garde German grotesque dancer Valeska Gert. This defiant and muscular work explores female sexuality mixing humour, absurdity, dignity and vulnerability. The work features a series of connected expressionist dance vignettes accompanied by German cabaret style instrumentals and songs using poetry from Goethe, Morgenstern and Dehmal, in specially composed music by Billy Cowie.

Premiere 6th December 1986 The Zap Brighton.

‘She croaks co-author Billy Cowie’s parodistic german accordian songs, nach Weill, into a mike, and conjures up the bleak world of Weimar cinema, from Louise Brooks to Nosferatu.’
Stephanie Jordan The New Statesman

‘Liz Aggiss is a huskily seductive cabaret performer, a silent screen villain, a sleazy transvestite: the whole performance hovers between invitation and repulsion’
Judith Mackrell the Independent

Aggiss uses her source material both as a political alliance and as a feminist statement. She searches for a dance of social(ist) meaning and an abnegation of the sleek female beauty demanded by so many dance companies.’
Julia Pascal the Guardian

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DVD of studio and live performance of Grotesque Dancer on the DVD in the book ‘Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)