Motion Control 2002

Devised and choreographed by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie
and directed by David Anderson, Motion Control examines the synergy of camera and performer. Shot on 35mm, it explores from the camera’s pov, the physical and emotional entrapment of the ageing and glamorous dancer in her private and personal spaces. The film is notable for hypersound foley overlaid with text and electro-opera.

Take one glamorous and ageing dancer. Trap her in the real world, then smash into her private reality. Control her movement, contain her emotion. Well you can try but she has already beaten you to it. With hypersound and super smart awareness submit to this bizarre journey of entrapment.

Motion Control national and international touring includes: British Council Dance for Camera Tour 2003/4: Macdonia, Korea, Tunisia, Taiwan, Thailand : Over 30 Film Festivals 2001 – 2005 including: Ultima Oslo, 10th Archipelago Festival Rome, TTV Italy, Videodance Thessaloniki, Naples, Sitges, LA Shorts, IMZ Monaco, 31st DFA New York, Shorts! Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Moscow, 36th World FilmFest Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Mediawaves Hungary, Berlin, 56th Cannes Film Festival, Framed Oporto Portugal. Canada 2002/4 tour includes Toronto, Durham, Owen Sound, Chelsey. 15 date UK Tour 2002/3 on ‘Take 7’ curated by South East Dance

Awards include
Czech Crystal Golden Prague Television Awards 2002
Honourable Mention Paula Citron Award Toronto 2002.
Special Jury Golden Award World FilmFest Houston 2003
Best Female Film Mediawaves 2003 Hungary

Television 2002-4: BBC2, NPS Netherlands, Finnish, German TV.

'A superb cinematic experiment that starts out from the conventions of video-dance but manages to go beyond’
Sitges International Festival Oct 2002

'Motion Control is a stunner'
The Globe and Mail Toronto Oct 22 2002

‘a superb abstraction and exploration of qualities at the heart of Cowie and Aggiss’ work
Tanzfilm – Ballettanz 2005

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film clip

Motion Control' can be seen on the DVDROM included within the book 'Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie, with Ian Bamley. Routledge