La Petite Soupe (1990)

Cast : Liz Aggiss, Jane Bassett, Virginia Farman, Edna Guy, Martyn Lake, Ralf Higgins, Sian Thomas, Parmjit Pammi ( singer).
Costume Christina Ure

This mini touring version spin off from La Soupe, brought together members of Divas and Carousel. Premiere 22nd May 1990 at Eurodanse Mulhouse France, who also commissioned the work.

‘the deliriousness of a handful of English nutcases. The Cholmondeleys last year, “divas’ today. Does the venerable UK contain the last cracks in the earth? I don’t know what to think but it is fresh and fascinating’
Claudine Studor Dernieres Nouvelles D’Alsace

‘the piece has altogether more depth and scope. More lyricism mixed with the same oddball humour. Accompanied by taped Bangra music and live singing by Parmjit Pammi, the choreography was simple but effective

Andrea Phillips Dance Theatre Journal

‘subversion could also be savoured in La Petite Soupe’ a lively an wittily spiced mix of Indian dance style and very piquant text. This was wonderfully fun, lovely visual jokes, lovely textual jokes in the songs, altogether just splendid tomfoolery with a wink’
Mary Brennan Glasgow Herald

‘One secret of its success is the intriguing use of Asian music, sung live to a backing tape by Parmjit Pammi, which tilted the balance even futher off-centre. The interplay between language, thought, action and memory criss-crossed so that the intrinsic value of each individal contribution, equal but different, could be judged on its own merits’
Keith Watson Hampstead and Highgate Express

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Extracts available of the studio version, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)