The Surgeons Waltz (2000)

Cast : Sunah Al-Husainy, Ingrid Ashberry, Julia Burcham, Andrew Franks, Irene Mensah, David Mileman, Maria Pengelly, Ben Pierre, Andy Saunders

Costume Holly Murray. Lighting Sean Phillips

Commissioned by Carousel for their integrated company High Spin, the cast are initially dressed in surgeon’s gowns, rubber gloves and face masks. They perform a ‘Half Monty’ to reveal their individuality. The work developed through collaborative workshops with the company in which different parts of the body were considered as sites for expression and meaning. The work is constructed in movement poems that are titled by the company for example; Skeleton Baby, Winterface, I give you my Heart, Valentine, Don’t Touch my Lemons, Rib Dance, Coughing Ballerina.

Premiere 3rd March 2000 Komedia Brighton

'The opening routine had the stage full of crazy surgeons in full operating costume, culminating in the Half Monty, and this Half Monty is the much funnier cousin of the Full Monty. Rubber operating gloves were peeled off, face masks were spun teasingly around the performers’ heads, and gowns were tantalisingly removed as the entire cast became a sassy and hilarious ‘strip’
Nick Hull-Malham Disablity Times

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Extracts available of the live performance, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)