Torei en veran Veta Arnold! 1986

Original title : The Daughter of the Regiment, includes Le Meiux Servez moi and KakarellaKa Diva!

Cast Rachel Chaplin, Ellie Curtis, Virginia Farman, Kim Glass, Kay Lynn, Amanda Tuke (other casts included Louise Rennison, Jeanne Ayling). Lighting : Christina Ure

Torei en veran veta Arnold! (a phonetic translation of the accompanying sampled music), explores the individual performers stage presence, using pedestrian, habitual and repetitive gesture. Wearing tailored suits and high heels, these power dressed women claim the stage space and audience, and demand attention.
Premiere 4th October1986 Chisenhale Dance Space London

‘Divas are an all-woman non-professional dance group who use movement, sound and lighting as weapons in a war of image-making. They transform themselves from twitchy impotent neurotics to self lacerating furies or pugilistic amazons’
Judith Mackrell the Independent.

‘Jaunty, hypnotic, silently provocative and defiant, Divas are a refreshing assault on mainstream dance’
Sophie Constanti Dance Theatre Journal

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All that remains of this work is photographic documentation.