t'es pas la seule

choreography and music Billy Cowie
dancers Mariana Di Silverio
voices Lucie Robson and Cathryn Robson
texts Robert Desnos
art design Silke Mansholt

three short dances presented in the form of a looped (5 mins) stereoscopic installation
Mariana performs with three exceedingly similar friends to three French songs about a badger, a leopard and an eighteen metres high ant.

La fourmi, Le blaireau et Le leopard
from Chantefables et Chantefleurs de Robert Desnos
© Éditions Gründ, 1957

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by University of Brighton

Premiered in Danca em Foco in Sao Paulo July 2011

You can get to very close quarters with the solo dancers in the film installations by Billy Cowie– and if you wear the little stereoscopic glasses that he provides, the performers will look as if they’re there, performing just for you. T’es Pas La Seule, was, apparently, made for children. But the perky miss who dances is so irresistably cute you just want to join in, not least because Cowie’s music is such a charismatic conduit of moods and atmospheres.
Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald 27 Aug 2011

Technical Setup for Installation
HD Media Player (which we provide) with HDMI output and stereo phono sound output
Video projector (high definition 1920x1080 native) venue provides with HDMI input.
Stereo sound system venue provides
A room with smooth white wall (4.5 metres by 2.5 metres for life size - can be smaller) or white screen with no light coming in to the room.
Audience wear cyan/red glasses which we provide.
The piece can also be presented on a large (at least 1m) high def LCD or plasma screen (1920x1080)
or on stereoscopic side by side tv with shutter glasses