Vier Tänze (1992)

Cast: Liz Aggiss.

This suite of four dances was originally choreographed and performed by Hilde Holger. Accompanied on piano by Billy Cowie these reconstructions hail from pre-war Vienna; Die Forelle (1923), Le Martyre de San Sebastien (1923), Mechanisches Ballett (1926), Golem (1937).

Costumes reconstructed by Tig Evans.

Premiere 29th February 1992 The Green Room at the Manchester Festival of Expressionism

‘On one level self expression is the cage we live in. The way we sit, walk and talk is always expressive of the way we feel. On another level self expression – the outer expression of the inner ferment of feelings – is as the Expressionists recognised early in the century, something to strive for……….Simple brief and moving – travelling like the truthful observations of a knowing child directly to the heart of the matter – these solos are more than they seem’
Bill Harpe The Guardian

‘Aggiss’s use of the body as sculptural form was also apprent in Holger’s work. As the ‘Golem’ (1937) that mythical beast of clay which wreaks havoc, the masked Aggiss is a terrifying presence.’
Sophie Constanti The Guardian

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Extracts available of the studio version, on DVD, in the book ‘Anarchic Dance' by Liz Aggiss, Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge)