the wild wigglers 1982-1990

Cast: Liz Aggiss, Eva Dzambicki, Ian Smith, Neil Butler, Ralf Higgins Patrick Lee, Jane Bassett, Simon Hedger

The Wild Wigglers is a visual comic trio emerging from the back end of punk with a suite of interchangeable three-minute simple cartoonesque dance bites which could be performed on stages, tents, stadiums and television. The basic costume is a spiral yellow and black stripe that emphasises each performers extreme height with added props; cardboard dogs, conical dunces’ hats, small chairs, deflated conical hats, hooped frocks.

Premiere 29th August 1982 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘The Wild Wigglers from Brighton, a cross between tribal fetish and electropop, wear dogs on their heads among other things and are this years truly bizarre art entertainment’
Performance Magazine

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Extracts of the live performances can be seen on the DVDROM included in the book 'Anarchic Dance' edited by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley, (Routledge)