Billy Cowie is a Scottish choreographer/writer/composer

‘Billy Cowie is a poet of dance'  
Miguel Iglesias - director of Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

‘The quirky, lyrical, imaginative, arresting, romantic fantasies of Billy Cowie deeply impressed me.’ 
Mikhail Baryshnikov

'Billy Cowie is the Godfather of 3D dance movies'
Gilles Jobin

'Morgen schon' is an almost perfect song. A true masterpiece.
Tony Palmer - Isolde Films

'Beautiful, poetic, sensitive, profound, minimal and essential, esthetically perfect. I lack the words to define what I felt in front of your work'
Philippe Priasso (Beau Geste)

'Artista del Año'
Fiver International Festival 2018


now available in Spanish



Art of Movement

 mexico city november 16th 2021


Danzas de Amor que se Fue

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba. Visual Design Silke Mansholt, Voice Daphne Scott-Sawyer.

Funciones 4 y 5 de diciembre 2021 en la Sala Avellaneda del Teatro Nacional de Cuba.



December 2020 Teatro Casa de America, Madrid; March 2021 San Sebastian; 5 June 2021 Teatro Breton, Logrono.


Centro Botin, Santander, Spain

25, 26 DE MAYO, 2019 11:00H

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 DE MAYO, 17:00H




At Kronenboden Gallery, Berlin

Eröffnung am 12. April 2019, 19:00 Uhr
Finissage am 25. Mai 2019, 19 Uhr

Art of Movement in Mexico City

Jan 31st, 1st 2nd Feb 2019 at La Nabe




Madrid Retrospective at Matadero




The Revery Alone at L1 Dance Festival 2017 (photo Roland Szabo) in Budapest

revery in budapest


Fondazione Prada September 2016

Attraverso i Muri di Bruma



Tangos Cubanos commissioned by Danza Contemporanea de Cuba with designs by Silke Mansholt premiered in Havana Feb 2015. 2016 performances on May 20, 21 and 22 at the Federico García Lorca Hall of Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, Havana, Cuba and touring to South Germany 17 nov Bonn Opera House, 26nov Ludwigsburg, 29/30nov 1/2/3dec Fürth, 9dec Fridricshafen, 13dec Baden, 16/17dec Schweinfurt. Moscow Bolshoi Festival 25/26 Sep 2017

Shakespeare Needs You commissioned by Festival Bo:m and fORbYaRTS in Seoul 2016. Design Silke Mansholt, dancers Ruri Han and Myung Hoon Park, Shakespeare voice Kim C, translator Kyungmin Lee. Supported by British Council



La Tragedia di Eponima
with designs by Silke Mansholt. Premiere on 7 July Milano. Performance on 17th September in Milano at Morsi Festival



Art of Movement won the Prix du Jury at FCIDC 2013 (Festival Culturel International de Danse Contemporaine). AOM performance in Eindhoven 3rd September 2016 and Forli, Italy 21 April 2017. Virtual presentation Festival DNA Pamplona Spain July 2017

jacqueline mitchell (live) and kaori ito (not) at edinburgh festival in art of movement


Billy Cowie and Gabriela Alcofra were commissioned as part of Big DanceShorts to make new dance film 'Tango Brasileiro' for Channel 4 and Brazilian TV. Screenings at festivals in Leeds, Barcelona, Montreal, Bucharest, Amsterdam etc. Screening on Saturday 11 June, 2016, 11:30am in The Rose Theatre, London. Screening at Pool Festival Berlin 5/10/2017



AOM performances at Open Look Festival in St Petersburg 28th June - 7 July 2014 touring to Finland and Moscow


Under Flat Sky for Kochi Museum of Art premiere 6th Dec 2014. Performance at Festival a Corte, Torino, 15 July 2016 and Forli, Italy 21 April 2017


Edge of Nowhere with Rajyashree Ramamurthi virtual installation at the Place London. Live performances at Dance Base Edinburgh Fringe Festival 26-30th August.




premiere of new film with songs by me and Jen Potter opens dancescreen 2019 + TANZRAUSCHEN Festival Wuppertal — with Jukka Rajala-Granstubb.





In the Flesh (winner of the IMZ Delegates Award 2008), The Revery Alone, Jenseits, Tango de Soledad t'es pas la seule. Presentation of TDS in Biarritz September 2016. The Revery Alone in L1 Festival Budapest 25 September 2017. Tango de Soledad and Art of Movement Videodanza BA festival in Buenos Aires 21 Aug 2017


2d version of 3d installation

'Tango de Soledad is a terrific piece of work. A stereoscopic video installation, featuring the athletic Amy Hollingsworth performing a solo tango. 3D glasses put the life-sized dancer solidly into the drawn, room-sized space in front of you. Everything about it is perfectly judged.'
Aidan Dunne  The Irish Times  22 July 2011

In the Flesh is a small jewel of a video installation. Within a dark space it bewitches with its harmony between music and words and a dancer suspended in the air in front of those who watch. Complete on both aesthetic and ethical levels, In the Flesh is a continuous flow between volumes and voids, between white and black, it feels on the skin like a tactile poem of love.'
Elfi Reiter - Il Manifesto Bologna del 20 Giugno 08


The following books by Billy Cowie are available

L'insole. due in uno. .passenger.. anarchicdance poems silentland


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